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For more recent feedback on translation work / Pour du feedback plus récent sur mon travail en tant que traductrice:
"Maggie has been working alongside the MG Car Club in a freelance proof reading capacity for the past 3 years. She is a real pleasure to work with and it’s great she has a passion for classic cars. She is always very conscious of the deadline date, and turns the proof reading round for our various publications, including our award winning magazine Safety Fast!, very quickly and efficiently."    
Andy Knott
Editor, Safety Fast!

"Nous collaborons avec Maggie depuis plusieurs années, dans le cadre des formations à distance. Son professionnalisme, sa patience, sa flexibilité, son dynamisme, son implication dans nos actions, nous ont permis d'avoir un excellent taux de satisfaction de la part de nos apprenants. Nous la recommandons vivement, et espérons pouvoir collaborer avec Maggie pendant encore très longtemps."  
Résponsable pédagogique chargée du suivie qualité

"Maggie understands the importance of meeting deadlines and we have found her to be completely reliable. She has a mature and responsible approach to her work, along with good communication skills that enable her to establish good working relationships with colleagues and clients. I have no hesitation in recommending her."
Dawn Smith
Managing Editor, The Final Word 

"Dans le cadre de notre activité (Service de rédaction de CV et de lettres de motivation en Français et en Anglais réalisés par des professionnels du recrutement) nous utilisons régulièrement les services de Maggie. Nous avons toujours été très satisfaits de l'expertise de Maggie en tant que traductrice anglophone et nos clients nous font régulièrement des retours positifs des présentations réalisées par Maggie.
Un travail de qualité, rigoureux et toujours très professionnel."
Fiorella Loueiro

"In 2010 Maggie joined Acorn Adventure as an administrator at our camp site in Normandy, Hauteville Sur Mer, where she was instrumental in forging a positive working relationship with the local Commune. Since then she has used her language and admin skills to great lengths at all of our overseas centres in France, Italy and Spain. She brings a unique sense of humour, and her mature and totally reliable work ethic makes Maggie a mentor to our younger staff. She regularly accompanies our Managing Director in negotiations with all local communes, using her fluent language skills to the full. To this day, and hopefully long into the future, Maggie remains a key link for Acorn Adventure, always prepared to help out whenever we need her! 
An exceptional friend and colleague."
Pat Whitworth
Head of Finance – Acorn Venture Ltd 

Dear Maggie,
I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work over the past few months. It's a joy to work alongside someone with such good work ethics, who will always go above and beyond to ensure work is turned around quickly and accurately, and also someone who is so lovely! You create a real 'In it together' feel against tough deadlines. You've been thoroughly conscientious and have saved us from numerous potential slip-ups that I wouldn't have noticed! Should I need proofing in future, I won't hesitate to be in touch.
All the best,

"Maggie wrote a piece of content for one of our clients' websites and it was spot on. Well written, well laid out, good value all round. We'll definitely be keeping her in mind for future projects."
Kevin Morley
Internet Marketing Executive, SearchPath Internet Marketing

"Maggie was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She has the ability to tease out the right information through her unobtrusive yet detailed approach to questioning. This made my job easy, and the end result was that the series of articles she produced about our business were accurate, informative and of great value!" 
Chris Mason
Director, Interskills (UK) Ltd

"Maggie has worked for City Business Magazine since its launch in 2001. During that time she has written regular columns for each issue, on topics including healthy lifestyle, environmental issues, book reviews, car reviews, interviews with members of the local business community, and occasionally ‘advertorial’ copy when requested by our advertisers. She also edits our news section, and provides special features as required on topics of interest to SMEs. I have always been very happy with Maggie's work and have found her to be flexible to the needs of the magazine, for instance in meeting deadlines and liaising with third parties on our behalf."
Paul Jackson
Director, Media Services Yorkshire 

"Maggie provided freelance proof reading services to our Pudsey based publishing company MYPEC on a regular basis over a period of several years. We first contacted her to proof read car club magazines for us each month, but from time to time she also worked on other projects where we required an external proof reader. We were more than satisfied with her proof reading skills, and appreciated her willingness to fit in with our schedule and complete the job on time, even when called in at short notice." 
Lee Dunn
Director, MYPEC

"I really enjoyed my interview with Maggie, not an experience you usually get with some journalists. She was professional, intuitive and really listened. The finished article was well received and I personally had great feedback from it. "
Suzanne Liversidge
Partner, Kennedys
President of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce from September 2011 
"Maggie was a 'Gem of a find’ (excuse the pun). We were producing a series of mini books on the mysteries surrounding Gemstones and Crystals - ‘A Power for Life’ series of books. These mini books were to be sold through one of the largest wholesalers in Europe (suppliers of fossils, minerals and semi-precious stones) and have subsequently sold over 100,000 to date. I was fortunate to find Maggie when I needed help to proofread and correct any mistakes I made, and I found her to be invaluable. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she is very reliable, easily approachable and came well within our budget. I can genuinely recommend Maggie and will certainly be using her skills in the future as we produce more books."
Robert W Wood, D.Hp 
MD, Rosewood Gifts & Publishing